- SonoreFiction "Ogrillon"EP, 6 experimental tracks on Tape-Safe netlabel, 11/2014

- Sonorefiction"4 months later"track appears on RTVE (Spain), Ars Sonora a radio show featuring Luscinia Discos and Sarah Vacher. (10/17 may2014 ). A great label, a great director ! Check it in podcast section.

- Sonorefiction "mox critique"podcasted  on Sadayatana "dark dream" check it out! 02/2012

-new track "Glaces" experimental soundfieldrecording, hope you'll like it! 02/2012

- first Sonorefiction physical release CDr/JewelBox on LusciniaDiscos "MIRAGES" OUT NOW !!!
order it now !!!  02/2012

- new video "Manapany"from 19Darshan63...check it on videos section! 01/2012

- new podcasted track "Total Eclipse"on Berliner Broadcast Facility, check it on podcast section... 01/2012

- new great videos "Total Eclipse", "Aya's walk" from MrDilema...check it on videos section!    12/2011

- new Sonorefiction (with Usher) EP "s o n o r a r i u m", a 4 tracks album of deep ambient...
check it on EP's section.... 12/2011

- paranoia3000 is on the top69/2011 tracklist on    YEAH...
check    12/2011

- new Sonorefiction"Ayahuasca" Video by 19Darshan63... check this great vid on videos section... 12/2011

- Sonorefiction"deodmoort"(from HecticHead "ode to moord")appears on tibol lobit radio show podcast episode 10 ...
check it on podcasts section... 12/2011

- "SaturnDay rmx" (from FloatingMind original track) new vid... check it in videos section!

- a new concrete/field recording/ambient track from a laundry sounding:"sténolavomatic" on traxx section...
while my "sténopé portrait"on a laundry by Nicolas Desvignes! 11/2011

- Sonorefiction "starting from the same point rmx" appears on  aReW recordings [RW-060] Starting From The Same Point (Remixes - Various Artists) 11/2011
check it on EPs section

 - new Sonorefiction"hexachromatic rmx pieces"EP, bruitsnetlabel... 10/2011
check it on EPs section

- bruits-netlabel is out! A new netlabel for free music and experimental musicians... Hope you'll find some good stuff there! 10/2011

- Sonorefiction "derrière la porte" appears on Various Artists - Lobit Edit (an exclusive compilation)- DevilNoiseRecords 10/2011
check it on EPs section

- new videos "noma",  "à la Paresse", "4 months later" by MrDilema... check it on video section. 10/2011

- new collaborative PuLSaR PSR B1919+21 track MichaelFrieske/Sonorefiction 10/2011
check it...

 - sonorefiction"deodmoort"remix(from hectic head's ode-to-mord) appears on HecticHead (lobit) "Sickling"EP    10/2011
check it on EPs section

 -"Pupilla com flauta e uccelli del mattino"a Lucchi/Chagas track, mixed with some birds songs soundfield I've recorded last summer... 10/2011

-"Hsta-Skizoremix" experimental new rmx track... 10/2011

-"Hexachromatic Schwimmbad", experimental and collaborative Sonorefiction/MichaelFrieske new track...  09/2011
  check it on traxx section!  

 -"mécanique du fluide" new video!  09/2011

-"the machinist", podcasted on Sayadatana045... 09/2011

- "Urth Sung", experimental new rmx track... 09/2011
 check it on traxx section...

- "fromOwlDreamsAmorphousSaveur" , new experimental rmx track... 09/2011
check it on traxx section!

- sonorefiction "metal end" appears on "5DBSSS One – tha ReeMux is" , itsujitsu netlabel 09/2011
check it on EPs section...

 - new soundblog design 09/2011
 more pages, all EPs and Projects, videos, and more free music! hope you feel it better, let me know!

 - 2 EPs with very great tracks 08/2011
the EolisFreeProject is out on MonoKrak now!
"remarkable release of august2011" as "2/3 a.m." soundblog said !!!
the machinist, new sonorefiction experimental ambiant EP is out on SironaRecords!
check them all on EPs section...