mardi 17 mai 2011

EolisFreeProject: EP is OUT !!!

the Eolis Free Project was to remix Sonorefiction "Eolis"  ...

...this EP features 11 artists and 11 tracks in ambient soundfeel...

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01- Marco Lucchi "A Wha-wha Aeolian Harp With A Stretched Elec Violin Too (Eolis Free Project remix)"
02- Slo-Blo "Eolis"(Eolis Free Project remix)
03- BpOlar "Eolis" (Eolis Free Project remix)
04- Floating Mind "Eolis" (Eolis Free Project remix)
05- XP-43 "Eo43" (Eolis Free Project remix)
06- Richard Wilmer "Le Vent Du Changement" (Eolis Free Project remix)
07- Upsteria "solei'L" (Eolis Free Project remix)
08- Boris Grey "Elios" (Eolis Free Project remix)
09- Sonorefiction "Keolis" (Eolis Free Project remix)
10- Takuya Minakawa "Strong Windharp" (Eolis Free Project remix)
11- Data Unit "Eolis Dream Unit" (Eolis Free Project remix)

"From noise to deep minimal techno, from ethnic to single-shot post-punk impro, from glitch to sky-gaze ethereal,  from experiment to minimal trance, these tracks are as varied than astonishing as many variations around "Eolis", an Aeolian harps ambient track.
These artists from different cultures and countries (England, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, France ...) of musical styles and sound viewpoint far away each other, sent us their very own "Eolis" interpretation, and far from basic remixes, these tracks draw us into their personal worlds, rich, complex and loaded with real inner emotions."

Much warmy thanks for their contributions to this EP (artists and netlabel):
XP-43, Marco Lucchi, Floating Mind, Upsteria, SLO-BLO, Data Unit, BpOlaR, Richard Wilmer, Takuya Minakawa, Boris Grey, Sonorefiction, and MonoKrak Netlabel.
(all artists and contact links on MonoKrak site)